Square Enix has an Eidos R&D development team that studies cloud native games

Square Enix has a branch of its Eidos studio that works on experimental technologies such as machine learning, AI, and cloud gaming.


While researching NVIDIA’s GTC 2021 schedule, I noticed a panel from a Square Enix studio that I had never heard of before: Eidos-Sherbrooke. It turns out that this particular studio doesn’t make games. It is an R&D division focused on latent new technologies such as AI, ML and the cloud that will theoretically fuel the future of the gaming industry.

Eidos-Sherbrooke was founded in June 2020 and has several interesting projects in development. The studio plans to use large cloud networks for voxel-based ray tracing, using AI and ML to help create interesting and innovative content. Platforms like Stadia, xCloud, Luna and PlayStation now offer access, but Square Enix wants to serve content.

Square Enix Has Eidos R&D Development Team Studying Cloud Native Games 22 |  TweakTown.com

It’s possible that Square Enix will be a big player in Microsoft’s new push for cloud-based content for its Project xCloud service. Rumor has it that Hideo Kojima is creating a game specifically designed for cloud gaming. Eidos-Sherbrooke presents a GTC 2021 presentation focused on cloud native games:

Although cloud gaming has been presented to gamers as the next big thing for several years now, so far we have only started to explore the many possibilities that this technology presents. Indeed, cloud gaming is much more than a simple flexibility of access to game content.

For the past year, our young studio Eidos-Sherbrooke has been exploring cloud-native gaming experiences in the areas of rendering approaches, physical interactions and artificial intelligence. Through these explorations, we began to examine what the future of cloud video games might mean, as well as the types of experiences gamers can expect. We will discuss some of the technologies that we are currently studying and how they could change the way we play.

Eidos-Sherbrooke is similar to EA’s SEED division and The R&D division of Ubisoft La Forge.

See the list of Eidos-Sherbrooke projects below:

  • Real-time geomorphing – Offload complex operations to remote servers while games are running on local consoles / PCs.
  • Voxel-based ray tracing – Use data centers to provide sets of ray traced voxels.
  • Multi-node game engine – Create ever-changing worlds using multiple server CPUs / GPUs that take full advantage of what a game engine is capable of.
  • AI-based gaming test

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