Squid Game Creators Set Up Murdering Doll Outside Mall To Catch Jaywalkers

Netflix has installed a replica of the hit series ‘murder doll’ Squid game at a shopping mall in the Philippines, according to multiple reports. But the doll not only serves as a promotional tool for the show, it can also catch walkers.

The 10-foot replica was installed outside the Robinsons Galleria Ortigas shopping center in Manila last month, Hypebeast reported. For fans of the series, the doll’s presence is both exciting and a bit confusing.

The South Korean series Squid game is a fictional TV show in which hundreds of indebted contestants come together to play children’s games with the hope of winning a big cash prize.

In the first episode, the contestants play “Red Light Green Light”, supervised by the giant doll. The doll explains that those who move when the light turns red are “eliminated” from the game. However, it is quickly revealed that the “eliminated” players are immediately shot on the spot.

Like the doll it was modeled on, the mall replica can detect movement; however, it will not hurt passers-by. According to TechRadar, the replica monitors a nearby pedestrian crossing. If a pedestrian crosses the street while the light is red, the doll’s eyes will light up and her head will turn to face the jaywalker.

Images captured outside the mall show visitors posing for photos with the doll as her head spins.

Vanessa Isaac Perez (@viprawr) uploaded a viral TikTok with nearly 140 million views that shows a band playing an actual game of “Red Light Green Light” with the doll. When the group stops, the doll’s head turns towards them and her eyes turn red.

“Not today yyy satan,” jneya commented.

“It’s scary, I want to do this,” said another.

DJ Kuya Magik said: “I need this in my house!”

According to Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos, Squid game is fast becoming the most watched series on the platform, Fortune reported. Netflix told the post that the series is expected to be viewed by over 82 million subscribers worldwide within the first 28 days of release.

As it is, Bridgerton holds the title of the most watched show on the platform. NBC News reported that 82 million subscribers watched at least two minutes of Shonda Rhimes’ period piece in the first 28 days after its release. The two The witcher and Lupine: Part I are tied for second place, with 76 million accounts, respectively.

Netflix has installed a replica of the “murder doll” from the hit series Squid Game in a shopping mall in the Philippines.
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