SYBO’s latest title to be released as an Apple Arcade exclusive

SYBO unveiled Subway surfers labela new brand extension that will be released on July 15, 2022, only on apple arcade. Players journey through thrilling interactive arenas in the mobile game spin-off based on the world’s most downloaded mobile title, Subway surfersas they skate, grind and score their way to a new high score.

Subway Surfers Tag gets harder with each arena unlocked

In Subway Surfers Tag, a game created especially for Apple Arcade, players team up with the Subway Surfers crew in a variety of dynamic, off-limits urban areas. In order to get some juicy combo point action, skate freely across the arena while grinding rails, landing jumps, scoring goals, and shooting cleanup crew bots.

Image via SYBO Games

However, the Guard and their mechanical minions are not going to put up with these antics and close in to end the chase. The more arenas a player unlocks, the harder the competition becomes.

SYBO Games teams up with Miniclip in a mega-deal

SYBO Games makes the announcement that mini clipone of the leading producers of market-defining mobile games, bought at the end of june. The transaction, which is expected to close in July 2022, would allow SYBO to maintain the operation of its gaming and creative teams while expanding its global reach.

With over three billion downloads to date, Subway Surfers is the most downloaded smartphone game of 2019. Both Miniclip and Sybo have several new games set to launch this year, and now that Miniclip has acquired Sybo, the new acquisition agreement brings these highly acclaimed companies together and is definitely aimed at setting new milestones.

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