The Best The Witcher Season 3 Setup Would Be a Huge Book Change

the witcher season 2 ended with the surprising appearance of The Wild Hunt, now also going after Ciri, but if they are to appear more prominently in season 3, the Netflix show will have to make a huge change of book. the witcher is a series of novels and short stories by Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski, which became very popular after being adapted into video games. the witcherSapkowski’s audience has grown in recent years thanks to Netflix’s adaptation of Sapkowski’s works, which, while drawing its characters, settings and concepts from Sapkowski’s universe, has also taken a lot of creative freedoms when adapting stories.


For its first season, Netflix the witcher opted for a non-linear narrative, following three different characters (Geralt of Rivia, Yennefer of Vengerberg, and Ciri) in different locations and points in time, their paths converging towards the end of the season. The events of the witcher Season 2 was told in a much easier to follow linear style and saw Ciri training at Kaer Morhen while Geralt kept her safe, all while Yennefer struggled with losing her powers. Season 2 also continued the Nilfgaardian army’s hunt for Ciri, and at the end of it, new enemies were added to the roster, and it looks like half the continent is now chasing her.

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the witcher had another surprise up its sleeve, as among these new enemies going after Ciri is The Wild Hunt. When Yennefer sacrificed herself to save Ciri, the Princess of Cintra transported herself, Yennefer, and Geralt to another dimension, where they witnessed the Voleth Meir joining the Wild Hunt. In the source material, the Wild Hunt also targets Ciri, but if that group is to appear more prominently in the witcher season 3, that means the Netflix show will have to make another big book change.

Why The Witcher is presenting The Wild Hunt now

The Wild Hunt is a group of specters who gallop through the sky on undead horses and are considered an omen of war. They were Aen Elle elves of Tir ná Lia who, under the orders of the elven king Auberon Muircetach, formed a cavalry unit with the aim of invading alien worlds and capturing young humanoids for use as slaves, and they made it through the Gate of Worlds. The Wild Hunt wore skeletal armor and used projections to look more spectral, but at some point the elves lost their access to the gate and only partially recovered it, so they had to change tactics and improve their spectral projections, earning the name “Wild Hunt”. The wild hunt figured more prominently in the witcher video games, but they come from books, although they are not very present.

The Wild Hunt was first mentioned in the book Destiny Sword and appeared correctly in The time of contemptthe book the witcher season 3 is mostly based on. However, as mentioned above, the Wild Hunt does not feature correctly in The time of contemptbut it is expected to play a big role in season 3, which means the Netflix show will make even more changes to the source material. the witcher The TV series has already strayed a lot from the books, which has helped it become its own thing while still being part of Sapkowski’s universe, and its approach to the Wild Hunt could follow that line. It’s also possible, however, that the Netflix series will take a slow approach to the Wild Hunt, so it will continue to lay the groundwork for its arrival.

At the end of the witcher season 2, half the continent is now out to find Ciri for different (and mostly selfish) reasons, so it makes sense that the Wild Hunt was introduced. When the Wild Hunt learned of Ciri and her Elder Blood, their plans changed and they wanted to capture her so she could mate with their king and they could reintroduce Elder Blood to the elves through the through their child, thus regaining power and access to the gate, so they also have a reason to want to go to Ciri. On top of all that, the Wild Hunt has become a favorite of the witcher fans thanks to their role in the video games, so it makes sense that the Netflix series doesn’t want to wait long to introduce them, but it does mean more changes to the book so they can be the witcher the big bad of season 3.

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