The Electric Royalty Wattson pack is now available through Prime Gaming

In the history of the Apex Games, Wattson is the electrical engineer who created the circle of harm that closes in on players with every game. Now she has a Prime Gaming pack that honors that legacy.

Dressed in purple and gold and intricately detailed with watermarks and other embellishments, the epic skin is a cute nod to Wattson’s role in creating the Apex games as we know them – and maybe even. some of its French roots, with ruffles fit for a queen. Apex Legends players can now claim this skin for free, but it is only available to Amazon Prime subscribers who have a Prime Gaming account.

And while Mountain peak has already released many exclusive Prime skins, this is the first time that the Prime Gaming offer has come in the form of a real bundle. Those who link their accounts for this reward will receive the epic Wattson skin, as well as the Volt SMG “Ornate Orchid” skin and the corresponding Wattson banner frame “Shocking Portrait”.

To claim these rewards, players simply need to visit the Mountain peak page on Prime Gaming website and link their Prime Gaming account on Twitch to their EA account. Once these steps are completed, the rewards should appear in the game.

Wattson, who claimed a buff for the French engineer, fear not. You can show the defensive character unbelievable win rate by going to Prime Gaming and claiming the Electric Royalty Pack. The pack will be available until November 18.

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