The post-game setup in “SD Gundam Battle Alliance” is surprisingly solid

It’s been a few months since SD Gundam Battle Alliance is out, and after completing the game, there’s still a surprising amount of post-game content.

Ignoring the DLC for a while, though I’ll get to that later, the main game has opened up a bit since release.

With successive updates, you can now max out your character and mobile suit up to level 100. On the latter, you need to acquire level 4 and 5 parts to unlock upgrades, all of which are elusive and expensive .

To get these coins, you need to unlock the EX missions. These only become available once you’ve completed all of the game’s missions on normal and hard difficulty.

Luckily, this excludes Chaos missions, as some of them can be quite tricky on Hard mode, but once all regular missions are completed, EX missions will become available.

In addition to allowing access to upgrade parts, EX missions give you a lot of money, which makes maxing out each mobile suit pretty simple. Also, the higher experience level of EX missions is such that other characters will quickly level up, even if they come on a mission or not.

There are also the various parts that modify your mobile suit and the EX missions offer many level 9 and 10 parts, with really special abilities.

You’ll also need to reassess your skills, as I’ve found allowing your teammates to share your health packs really helps in difficult missions.

The DLC is also very good, from Gundam AGE at SD Gundam and Moon Gundamthe missions and mobile suits available are really well done.

You also get decent money from completing the DLC missions, which again helps with any upgrades.

The post-game also allows you to unlock any mobile suits you missed the first time around. Naturally, I returned to my pillar of the Hi-Nu Gundam (pictured above), but unlocking it required blueprints for a lengthy Chaos mission.

Blueprints are also scattered across the game, with many of them split between various Chaos missions. Unlocking all the mobile suits is arguably one of the biggest undertakings once you’ve finished the game, but they’re still worth it as many of them have a unique range of powerful and interesting attacks.

While game balancing is definitely an initial issue, the game is by no means impossible. Using parts equipped with abilities like Auto Guard is also a good starting point for post-game content, but with prolonged play you will very quickly abandon those kinds of parts in favor of attack boosts. As you will learn when enemies leave themselves open and how to read and block incoming attacks.

I really enjoyed the game on my first playthrough when I reviewed it, but post-game content in SD Gundam Battle Alliance kept me engaged for a surprisingly long time.

SD Gundam Battle Alliance is currently available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC.

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