These two gaming chairs cost less than $ 200 right now

It’s rare to see gaming chairs with their prices cut in half or more, but AndaSeat has done this for two of its models. The Dark Demon and Jungle Gaming Chairs both come on sale at big discounts, making them easy recommendations if you want budget options.

The Dark Demon Gaming Chair currently costs $ 179.99 on AndaSeat’s website. It didn’t quite make our list of the best gaming chairs, but it’s not far from AndaSeat’s other pick. The Dark Demon has a sober black and red design that won’t scream “gamer” as loud as other gaming chairs.

In a review of the chair, our own Hope Corrigan wrote: “The material is quite thick and of high quality so I never worried about accidentally puncturing or damaging the exterior.” Given how long we expect our gaming chairs to last, it’s promising to hear that this one will withstand any bumps or crashes that happen over time.

The chair also has 4D armrests, which allow you to slide them up, down, left, right, back and front. That’s a huge range of adjustments you won’t get in typical 2D armrests that can only swivel and move up and down. The top of the armrests aren’t padded which would be even nicer, but it’s hard to complain about the price.

On the smaller end of AndaSeat’s offerings is the Jungle Gaming Chair. It is currently $ 159.99 on the company’s website. This chair has a design similar to that of the Dark Demon but is completely black. It is designed for small rooms and includes the same back and head support as the Dark Demon. The only thing it lacks in comparison are the 4D armrests (it’s only the 2D armrests that swivel and move up and down).

The Jungle Gaming Chair appears to be the best choice for smaller room gaming setups or anyone with a fairly small stature. AndaSeat has chairs that can take more weight and take up more space, but this one aims to keep everything in a smaller package.

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