Tips for Navigating the Game Map

Winter Mobile Project is a free social deception game where survival is your main goal. The game features certain objectives and is a multiplayer game where everyone is labeled as a survivor. Apart from completing these goals and objectives given to survivors, there are other gameplays including preparing meals, crafting items at the workbench, and more. In this Project Winter Mobile guide, we will discuss tips and tricks that we recommend you follow when trying to navigate the map.

Overview of in-game objectives

When you open Project Winter Mobile, you and your team will receive two goals categorized into primary and secondary objectives respectively. The The main objective usually asks to repair parts of the power plant and the secondary objective asks to repair the helipad area or the battery. Players will be prompted to hold the repair option to open the repair page and check for materials.

The location of the first or main objective appears on the map and is usually placed in an enclosed area of ​​the cabin. While the second or secondary objective must be found and located by the survivors themselves.

How to navigate and locate objectives on the map in Project Winter Mobile

The first thing you should notice is that the location of the main and secondary objectives appear randomly in each game. This therefore means that there is no designated location for these buildings and this changes with each map.

When you start a multiplayer mode in Project Winter Mobile, you and your team will be tasked with certain specific objectives and by completing them, escape from the frozen inhabited land. When you get your first objective, always make sure to check the map shown at the top of the game screen. By referring to the map you will know the exact location of your first objective. Then navigate your character exactly as the map appears and you can see your first objective.

Image via Boltrend Games

Whereas you and your team complete the first objectivethe map will let you decide the possible location of the second objective among the two interrogation zones On the map. It is advisable to work here as a team and divide into two groups to search for the next objective. Things will be much easier when you work as a team and it will be relatively easy to find and complete the objectives.

If you get lost somewhere while finding the location of the second objective, try to find the telegraph poles that will guide you to the desired location. Once you find your second objective, activate the beacon to notify your other teammates of the location.

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