Trials Of Osiris Impeccable Tips – Destiny 2: Season Of The Lost

Destiny 2’s PvP activity, Trials of Osiris, has undergone a fundamental overhaul in Season of the Lost. This mode received a total of 180, going from Destiny 2’s most disappointing mode to one of its most rewarding playlists.

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Players who are particularly skilled can achieve a flawless Pass, winning seven matches without a single loss. Going Flawless in Trials offers Adept weapons and mods, Masterwork materials, Glows for your Trials gear, and the ability to farm some of Destiny 2’s most coveted items. If you want to make the most of Trials, here are ten tips. on how to complete a flawless passage and visit the lighthouse.

Play with a team

Featured Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris

Unless you can carry an entire team on your own, you probably won’t be perfect on your own. Trials of Osiris is a type of game that rewards teamwork above all else, so you’ll want to be part of a team that can communicate effectively and have similar goals.

Finding a Trials team is easier than ever. For the majority, the best way to find a team is to play Trials of Osiris in solo queue. You might not go Flawless solo, but you’ll definitely find some good players on your journey. Send a message to all the good players you meet and ask them if they would be happy for you to join. Most Destiny players are more than happy to play with other Guardians, so don’t be shy.

If you are looking for a specific type of player and you don’t have hours to play Trials, jump to the Destiny 2 LFG Discord,, or the forums. You can either create an LFG post yourself or find like-minded Guardians you can join.

Adjust your settings

Destiny 2 Controller Settings Menu

This is a pretty specific tip, but make sure your sensitivity, visual settings, and input bindings are all comfortable. Destiny 2 has a lot of options you can tweak to fine tune your Guardian’s behavior, some of which have been added this season.

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Since there are so many options to analyze, here are some general settings you will want to consider:

  • Appearance sensitivity: Many players use an extremely high sensitivity modifier, making precise aim adjustments nearly impossible. Adjust it until the aim is natural, but gives enough control for small adjustments. This will mostly come down to preference, so experiment.
  • Sprint-Tour Scale (Controller): This changes the speed at which you can turn in mid-sprint. To mimic the effects of Traction from previous seasons, set it to 0.8.
  • Input connections: You can now link charged and uncharged melees as separate entries this season. Consider linking your entrances to take advantage of this.
  • Field of view: On current generation consoles and PCs, you can adjust your character’s peripheral viewing angle to improve situational awareness. If you’re sitting near your TV or monitor, think about 90+ FOV. If you’re playing away from your display device, consider 60-75 FOV.

To note: FOV can cause motion sickness for some if set too low or too high. Use what is most comfortable.

Use your super

Destiny 2 Shadow Binder

Supers can tip an entire Trials match in favor of your team. Most Supers can easily kill you for free or dramatically improve your survivability. Don’t hang on to your Super; use it to open, close or flip a trial round in favor of your team.

Train on the current practice map

Destiny 2 Trials Elimination

Unlike other types of Crucible games, Trials of Osiris only uses one card per week. Consider getting friends together to play pre-designed PvP matches (often called “scrims”) to learn common angles and lines of sight. You can find some great legend cards made by R3likt at

Use the passage of mercy

Destiny 2 Trials Flawless Passage

On your way to Flawless, you’ll likely have a match that’s wrong with you. Its good. If you use the Mercy Passage, your first defeat will not count against a Flawless attempt, allowing you to continue climbing to the Lighthouse.

Even if you are an experienced PvP player, you should still use the Mercy Passage if you become flawless. Your Loss of Mercy can still activate long after winning seven games, allowing you to farm Adept weapons in the Trials playlist even after losing a game.

Don’t neglect your armor

Destiny 2 Trials of Osiris Armor

via Bungie

Building crafting has become a central pillar of Destiny 2 since the release of Shadowkeep, PvP included. Armor mods and stats shouldn’t be overlooked. A player with optimized stats and armor mods will be objectively stronger than a player who does not optimize their armor.

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To get good armor stats, consider using Destiny Item Manager’s load optimization feature or Mijago’s D2ArmorPicker. When it comes to armor mods, you want to use Charged with Light mods and any mod that enhances your weapons (Targeting, Charger, Unflinching, and Scavengers).

Radiant light, powerful friends, high energy support and fire are the best Light Charged mods you can use in PvP, granting you a 20% damage bonus every time you become Light Charged. You also gain +20 Mobility and Strength with this build.

The two-second rule

Destiny 2 Behemoth PvP Crucible

YouTuber Ascendant Nomad popularized a fantastic PvP trick called “The Two Second Rule” which we are going to mention here. Essentially, keep a mental note of how often you don’t move. If you stay still for more than two seconds (consider one second for trials) and no enemies appear, move immediately. This keeps you from playing passively and makes you a lot less predictable. Movement wins parts in Destiny, so get used to repositioning. You can find a more detailed explanation of this concept in the excellent “The Two Second Rule in Destiny 2” video by Ascendant Nomad.

Play around your radar

Destiny 2 Radar # 2

Knowing the situation is the key to winning Trials matches. The upper left corner of your screen, the radar, is by far the most powerful tool in your entire arsenal. It will tell you how close the enemies are and what angle they are coming from.

You want to know where your enemies are at all times. Take a look at your radar whenever you can to find out where your enemies are.

A certain amount of information can be deduced simply from your radar. If an enemy is getting close enough to you, they probably have a shotgun or will use a one-hit kill ability. If they start to disappear, they crouch, become invisible, or run away. If you’re having trouble timing your radar looks, Consider using Ace of Spades so that your radar is always active when aiming.

Once you understand these fundamentals, you can start manipulating the enemy’s radar to force a reaction. Close the gap to force the enemy to react, crouch in the middle of a shootout to disappear from enemy radar, or use certain abilities or exotics to modify enemy radar.

Destiny 2 The Palindrome

The Destiny’s Crucible meta changes with each season and each balance patch. It is important to stay on top of what players gravitate towards, as you will have a clear idea of ​​how to counter these styles of play.

At the time of writing, the Season of the Lost meta consists of:

  • Hand cannons at 140 rpm: Most commonly used are Palindrome, Hawkmoon, Thorn, and Ace of Spades.
  • Shotguns: Slugs and aggressive frames are used a lot in PvP.
  • Fast fusion rifles: They are great for countering shotguns and SMGs.
  • The Stag + Bottom Tree Stormcaller: This makes it much easier for you to challenge a lane, as you have bow soul and damage resistance. This is particularly meta in Trials.
  • Revenant + Shatterdive: Glacier Grenades and Shatterdive will shoot any enemy close to the blast radius.

Use what’s comfortable

Destiny 2 Crucible

There’s no doubt you’ve seen other players use shotguns, hand cannons, and meta subclasses in Destiny 2’s Crucible. These are indeed meta-selects, but that doesn’t mean that you need to play the meta. You will always play your best with whatever weapons and subclasses you are most comfortable with.

If you’re a threat with Traveler’s Chosen, use it. If you find yourself in your fluid state while wielding a bow, use your favorite bow. It’s important that you understand the meta, but it’s just as important to be confident in your abilities. Using equipment you are not familiar with will make you less confident and make more mistakes. Play on your strengths.

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