Troup 8u teams compete in Georgia Dixie Youth State Tournament in Cochran last week – Reuters

Members of Troup County’s 8-and-under recreational all-star teams were treated like royalty as they competed in the Georgia Dixie Youth State Tournament in Cochran last week. Two teams of 12 players each participated in one of the largest youth baseball tournaments in the state.

Twelve players made up the American team that raced to the semi-finals before falling to future champions Perry.

“They played some really good baseball against a really good team,” assistant coach Brandon Lowary said. “We brought in the younger team and went further than expected.”

All 12 members were selected to the Troup County 8U American League.

It was an experience the kids will probably never forget. Team USA fell one win away from playing for the championship.

“It’s super cool and something we can be really proud of,” Lowary said. “Kids won’t forget how much fun they had so soon.”

Like their American League counterparts, 12 players made up the national team that won Cochran last week. The national team went 0-2 in the tournament, but still had a fun week of baseball.

“We failed, but we had two very good teams,” said national team head coach Tim Smith.

The national team suffered a few tough losses, but the kids still had a great experience at the Georgia Dixie Youth State Tournament.

“We had a great group of kids and they were really excited,” Smith said.

The Troup 8U baseball league will return with another season in the fall, but it’s the spring season that really matters. The spring season defines who can coach and be part of the Troup 8U teams that travel to compete in the Georgia Dixie Youth State Tournament.

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