Valorant details Major change to map rotations

In the old days, Valorant fans have expressed a lot of frustration when encountering the same card multiple times in a row. While developer Riot Games has made numerous changes to random map selection since launch, 67% of players surveyed told the team in March that they encountered the same maps back-to-back “often” or “very often.” often”. in a new blog post from Riot Competitive Team member Brian Chang, Chang revealed that the system’s random maps didn’t account for “bad luck” scenarios where players would end up encountering the same map multiple times. However, in a recently revealed detail, it looks like patch 4.04 has changed that.

“So instead of making card selection a random process, we instead chose to create a deterministic choice that always selects the card that minimizes the streaks,” Chang writes. “If a certain map appeared too often in your recent history, we would remove that map from the selection pool completely. From there, we would always choose the map that the 10 players in the lobby had seen the least.”

It’s not hard to imagine how frustrating it must be for Valorant players end up playing the same card three or more times in a row; it’s a simple way for the game to become tedious and players won’t want to come back! Fortunately, Riot Games is already having a lot of success with the change. According to Chang, no player has seen the same card five times in a row in the month of April. Additionally, the “percentage of players encountering the same card 3 times in a row has now dropped to 0.06% (1 in 1700 or so players)”.

Based on these figures, it seems that Riot Games has turned the tide! With May coming to an end, we hope the developer will reveal the numbers for that month, so fans can see if this new method is still working as well!

Valorant is now available on PC. You can check out all of our previous coverage of the game here.

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