“Venus & Serena Williams have done so much for the sport and we want to give them a great last experience in Toronto”

Canadian Open Tournament Director Karl Hale recently spoke at length about Venus and Serena Williams’ contributions to tennis. Hale also said he wants the Williams sisters to have a big tournament this year because it could be their last appearance at the National Bank Open.

Venus and Serena Williams are both in their 40s and have confirmed their participation in the 2022 Canadian Open. But with age and catching up injuries, it seems very unlikely that the two legends will return for the tournament next year. next.

For fans of the Williams sisters attending the final day of @NBOtoronto qualifiers on Sunday, Serena Williams will train between 9 a.m. and 11 a.m., followed by Venus Williams between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the Cynamon training grounds. A great opportunity to see these legends up close!#RenasArmy https://t.co/FCfcrc4llC

Speaking to the tournament website, Hale revealed he shares a special bond with the Williams sisters.

“Both have a really special place with me and I have a very close relationship with them,” Hale said. “They have done so much for the sport and we want to give them a great (eventually) last experience in Toronto.”

The former tennis player further added that ticket sales at his event “exploded” once fans found out the sisters had confirmed their attendance.

“Fans have responded in an incredible way since we announced they were playing, and ticket sales have skyrocketed,” he added. “It’s just great for us to have them here in Toronto.”

“Playing Serena Williams here in 2019 was really important to Bianca Andreescu” – Karl Hale explains why the Canadian Open was instrumental in grooming Canadian players for stardom

Andreescu won the 2019 Canadian Open after Serena Williams retired against first in the final. The Canadian went on to win the US Open in the following weeks, beating Williams in the summit clash.

“Playing Serena Williams here in 2019 was really important to Bianca because when she walked out on the court at the US Open and saw Serena, it was nothing new. She had been through that two weeks before, so she was really relaxed. and absolutely fine,” Hale said. “The pipeline continues with these young players and this tournament is the first place people are exposed to them. This tournament really helps Canadian players in so many ways.

Hale also briefly explained his role as Tournament Director, explaining how he always strives to ensure players have the best possible experience at the Canadian Open.

“Every time you think you’re done for the night, you get a text or phone call from an agent, player or staff member about something to do for the next day,” Hale said. “We just try to make sure the players have a great experience to bring them back. There’s a lot to do in there. You want to make them happy and meet or exceed their expectations.

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