Verizon and Hi-Rez team bring Rogue Company gamers an enhanced mobile experience with 5G

ATLANTA and NEW YORK – Verizon and Hi-Rez take mobile gaming to a new level with Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband by delivering an enhanced mobile experience in Hi-Rez’s newest game, Rogue Company Elite.

Gamers on Verizon 5G Ultra Wideband will be able to download a high-fidelity graphics package at lightning-fast speeds and with Verizon Up, Verizon’s award-winning loyalty program, they can receive a free weapon wrap to use in-game.

“Verizon, the network America relies on, is built for gaming, with blazing-fast speeds, massive capacity, and low lag on 5G Ultra Wideband, so you never miss a moment of gaming. action when you’re on the go,” Erin said. McPherson, head of consumer content and partnerships at Verizon. “With entertainment partners like Hi-Rez, we continue to bring the best experiences to our customers wherever they are – like games you can download in seconds and stream, and the ability to play data-intensive multiplayer games typically reserved for consoles on your mobile phone.”

Verizon is the official US telecom partner of Rogue Company and is working with Hi-Rez to explore how 5G can enhance the mobile gaming experience. The partnership will also offer gamers rewards on games from Hi-Rez Studios through the Verizon Up program. Guaranteed exclusive access to Rogue Company: Elite Beta will be granted to the first 10,000 iOS players and the first 20,000 Android Verizon Up players in the United States. Verizon Up will promote the offer to its members, and they can redeem the offer for a code. They can then use this code to redeem the offer on the Hi-Rez website, which allows them to sign up for the beta.

The offer will go live on Monday, August 15, 2022. The Rogue Company Elite beta phase for IOs users will start on August 18, 2022 and for Android users it will start on September 8, 2022. The offer will be online until Wednesday, August 18. 31, 2022.

Created to thank customers for being part of the Verizon family, Verizon Up is fast, free, and available through the My Verizon app. Verizon Up members are simply rewarded just for being a customer. For more details, visit Verizon Up.

Today’s announcement builds on Verizon’s 5G growth and innovation across all industries with its mobility, national broadband and consumer offerings. Learn more about Verizon’s 5G technology.

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