Want a different golf spread style? The Manningcast might be coming

Peyton Manning, Phil Mickelson and Eli Manning in November during Mickelson’s appearance on the “Manningcast.”


Phil Mickelson, golfer, spoke football like he was Phil Mickelson, quarterback. The six-time major champion had joined the brothers Peyton and Eli Manning, themselves former QBs, in mid-November during their “Manningcast” show and dissected the Monday night football game between the San Francisco 49ers and the Rams of Los Angeles with almost as much care as he would show when trying to hit a corner.

Mickelson asked about 49ers rookie running back Elijah Mitchell: “So looking at the Niners, I know they struggled a bit. And No. 25 there, Elijah Mitchell, he came in as a sixth-round draft pick and beat Ohio State’s Trey Sermon as a third-round pick, and you see that happening produce where a lot of guys are coming in who are less rough picks or what have you and they outperform the people in front of them. What about Elijah Mitchell, what about the players who get drafted later in the rounds to propel them into the starting lineup? Is it from the heart? Is it a work ethic? Intellect? What do you guys see? »

He asked if the Rams should consider running football: “I have a football question here, okay. The Rams, their strength, they are the third passing offense. They’re a great passing team. But you lose Robert Woods, you don’t have the chemistry with a new receiver. So do they play to their strength, or will they, down 14, go against the opposing team’s weakness, which is the run. San Francisco is almost the last to stop the race. Would you consider directing the football, trying to be a bit more physical and trying to control the game and keep it close, play to its weakness or play to your strength. What would you say?”

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Nick Piastowski

And so on. And after an announcement on Wednesday, the back and forth could continue – in the sport for which Mickelson is best known.

ESPN said it would expand its deal with Peyton Manning’s Omaha Productions Company, which launched the “Manningcast” last year, where the Manning brothers would watch Monday Night Football and be joined by various guests. As part of the deal, “alternate presentations” will be featured for the UFC, college football and, yes, golf.

A press release did not reveal which events would be broadcast – ESPN is home to Masters and PGA Championship coverage, and its ESPN Plus platform broadcasts PGA Tour Live – nor did the release specify. who would be the hosts. Asked specifically about golf, Andy Hall, director of communications for ESPN, told GOLF.com: “We don’t have any more details at this time, but we’ll explore in the future.”

Of course, that won’t stop us from having a little fun. If the Manningcast style is used, the idea is that it follows the Manning formula – a well-known athlete, with personality and connections. So here is who could be in the cabin.

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James Colgan

The Mannings

Why not? They understand the format and the guest game, and they can both play on the golf course – Peyton was part of two games (teaming with Tiger Woods in the second version and Steph Curry in the third) and Eli proved his golf skills. during Mickelson’s Manningcast appearance. Kind of. There, Eli entered a simulator and Lefty offered the following criticism:

“Well, I mean overall one word to describe it is cute. I think it’s a cute little swing.

Phil Mickelson

If Golf Twitter is any indication, Mickelson would be the host with the most. His brief appearance on the CBS stand during the 2020 PGA Championship was perhaps more memorable than any snap he took that year. You imagine he wouldn’t have any trouble lining up guests either. (Although if he plays golf in another league… But maybe that frees him up for TV work!)

Charles Barkley

Is Charles Barkley a professional golfer? No. Is Charles Barkley a golfer? It’s getting better. But is Sir Charles one of the most entertaining analysts in any sport? Yes. Some would argue that his in-game commentary played the biggest role in making it what it is: entertaining. And you’d think there’d be no shortage of personalities who would love to poke Barkley’s golf game.

David Feherty

If there’s a format that suits David Feherty, it’s this one. Watch golf? Cool. Dish on a golf story, but not necessarily golf at hand? Cool. He was Manningcast before Manningcast. And Feherty hosted a very popular talk show on the Golf Channel. Playing with others would not be difficult.

Johnny Miller

A long shot, right? May be. Although in an interview with Golfweek’s Adam Schupak last year, the longtime NBC analyst was asked if he would consider returning for the majors or the Ryder Cup, and Miller replied, “I could. To do.”

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods may not be as wordy as Mickelson or Barkley. But no player moves the needle in golf like the 15-time major champion. He was also the last in a stand in December during his Hero World Challenge, and as the biggest name in golf, guests wouldn’t be a problem. If you’re a Woods fan and his return from injury is delayed, this is where you want him to be.

any player

During the Zozo Championship, Golf Channel chose a different player each round to join its broadcast, and Rickie Fowler, Pat Perez, Charley Hoffman and Ryan Palmer shared their rounds, the course and the game ahead of them. (After the event, GOLF’s James Colgan offered a list of other pros he’d like to see in the booth in this setup, and you can find that story here.) It would take some coordination to make sure that a spur of the current pro would be instructive, but who better to give insight into this tournament than a player from the event?

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