What Happened Between Batman: Arkham Asylum & City

In the opening sequence of Batman: Arkham City Bruce Wayne is captured by Hugo Strange, and it seems like a huge leap from Batman stopping the Joker at the end of Batman: Arkham Asylum, but there are comics in between that explain what happened. Questions like how Strange discovers Batman’s identity or how criminals built their empires within the walls of Arkham City are answered in the five-issue comic book series. batman arkham city. The story picks up at the end of the first game and explains much of what felt out of place at the start of the sequel.

Arkham CityThe story of is bolstered by the limited series, unlike the comics which ruined Arkham Knightthat’s the big twist. The five numbers of batman arkham city, written by Paul Dini, was released in 2011 from July to October, and the video game launched right after the last issue. Without knowing the setup provided by the limited series, the beginning of Arkham City seems a bit unbelievable or forced for the sake of the story. However, between the fall of Titan Joker and the imprisonment of Bruce Wayne, a lot happens between Batman and his enemies.


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Some of the most important details included in the comics explain how Batman initially infiltrated Arkham City, how Joker and other villains came to power, and why Mayor Sharp, who wrote secret tablets in arkham asylum, had Arkham City built in the first place. More importantly, the comics explain how Hugo Strange manipulated everyone around him to achieve his goals and tricked the citizens of Gotham into unwittingly giving him absolute power over the lives of the inmates at his new facility.

Batman: Arkham City Mayor Sharp Was Hugo Strange’s Pawn

What Happened Between Batman Arkham Asylum And Town Mayor Sharp Talking To Hugo Strange

Following the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Quincy Sharp was elected mayor after receiving praise for his efforts to stop the chaos and subdue the inmates during Joker’s Titan stunt. Reporters like Vicki Vale questioned her involvement, and even her presence, at the asylum as the chaos wound down. However, Sharp was fueled by Hugo Strange, which helped him gain political power and the trust of the citizens of Gotham. At first, Mayor Sharp promised more restrictions and tougher punishments, especially for those in costume and running around Gotham. He mostly wanted to capture Batman for committing crimes before Arkham Cityevents.

The idea of ​​Arkham City only emerged after the incident that occurred during the inauguration of the new city hall. Under Hugo Strange’s direction, two Titan-powered siblings, Terry and Tracy Trask, attacked the mayor. Harvey Dent smuggled some of the Formula Titan out of Arkham Asylum and ordered it locked up, but the Trask siblings injected themselves with small doses over time. When Strange ordered the attack, he also made sure they were ready to die. Batman tried to stop the Trasks in hopes of questioning them, but they followed orders without question and allowed Strange to detonate explosives inside to destroy the New Town Hall.

Mayor Sharp, who believed to be the spirit of the asylum’s founder and second inmate at Batman: Arkham Asylum, used Arkham City in response to the sudden and extreme violence of the ceremony. With 300 citizens reported dead and many more injured in the attack, it was easy for Sharp to convince the citizens of Gotham that Arkham City was the only solution. Additionally, Sharp declared Gotham a war zone and implemented martial law, granting TYGER’s private military forces complete authority. After the town hall attack and Arkham City announcement, Batman confirmed his suspicions that someone else was pulling the strings.

Joker and Harley got to Arkham City first

What Happened Between Batman Arkham Asylum and City Joker at the Sionis Factory

Shortly after construction began on Arkham City, inmates were moved from Blackgate Prison and Arkham Asylum to holding cells at the new facility. Regardless of his mental state, every criminal had to be moved. This has caused some officers, like Aaron Cash, to question the morality of dumping really sick patients and underage criminals in a walled-off section of town with the likes of Joker, Two-Face and other villains in the mix. Batman: Arkham series.

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As patients and inmates were quickly transferred from the asylum and prison, a group of guards set out to exact revenge on Joker despite the terminal illness he had contracted from the Titan formula. However, rumors spread in Arkham Asylum regarding the guards’ plans to torture and kill Joker for murdering their friends. The night Joker was to be transferred, Harley Quinn disguised herself as a guard and knocked the others unconscious before freeing Joker.

In preparation, Harley had gathered supplies and secured a boat for their escape. Thanks to cameras and security measures, Batman was made aware Batman: Arkham CityHarley and Joker’s departure almost immediately. Batman attempted to stop them, but in the chaos their boat exploded and Harley and Joker escaped. The pair headed to Arkham City to gain a foothold and begin recruiting members for The Joker’s gang.

With other criminals still in holding cells, Joker was able to take over the old Sionis metal factory, fire up the furnaces, and set up some of his over-the-top death traps. With an early power move, Joker obtained weapons and secured his fortress. While building his empire, Joker also forced a doctor to isolate the toxin in his blood before killing him. The sample was given to Mr. Freeze, who was working on a cure before being captured by the monstrous Penguin in Batman: Arkham City.

Batman infiltrated Arkham City before it officially opened

What Happened Between Batman Arkham Asylum and City Lester Kurtz Batman Disguise

In an attempt to gather information and limit the early acts of violence in Arkham City, Batman infiltrated the establishment disguised as Lester Kurtz, a thug with a long rap sheet created by Oracle. To enter, Batman traveled in the Batboat and hid the vehicle in the empty hull of an old tugboat on an abandoned dock. As Lester Kurtz, Batman first joined Joker’s gang. He was put through a few hardships to test his abilities, including fighting off a group of already recruited thugs. However, after defeating his future teammates, Lester snuck out of the old Sionis factory and sought out Penguin.

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As one of the best Batman: Arkham villains, Penguin had already assembled a crew and hatched a plan to obtain weapons despite arriving after Joker. Unlike his competitors, Penguin did not test Lester, but he showed his power by dropping a traitor into a pit to die. Immediately after joining, Lester was sent with a small crew to steal guns from a TYGER armory. Unfortunately, even though the Penguin thugs arrived early, the Joker crew was ready for them.

A fight ensued drawing the attention of nearby TYGER forces. In the end, Lester destroyed the guns to make sure no gang got their hands on more guns. As punishment, Lester was tasked with leading an assault on Joker’s hideout, but before the counterattack in Arkham City could happen, Batman escaped. Unfortunately, thanks to Hugo Strange’s extensive camera network, Batman’s secret path through the facility has been revealed. When Batman returned as Lester Kurtz, Strange’s trap triggered and blew up the tugboat. TYGER’s forces quickly closed in on Batman, but Catwoman helped him get away using a car she stole after freeing Poison Ivy. In response, Batman attacked a group of TYGER agents and threatened one until he revealed Hugo Strange’s name.

Hugo Strange Uncovered Batman’s Identity and His Plan for Arkham City Succeeded

What Happened Between Batman Arkham Asylum and City Hugo Batman Comic Cover

Batman had been trying to identify the man behind Arkham City since he suspected Mayor Sharp was a puppet, but by the time he discovered Strange had already deduced his secret identity. Finding out that Strange was pulling the strings all the time since Batman: Arkham Asylum didn’t help much, because even when Bruce Wayne confronted him, he couldn’t stop him. Batman recruited Robin to dig up information on Strange, but by the time they had solid evidence of his abusive treatment of patients, it was too late. Strange came out into the light intending to reassure the citizens of Gotham that a highly trained professional was in charge of Arkham City.

During the press conference revealing Strange’s involvement in the creation of Arkham City, Bruce Wayne presented his evidence contradicting the doctor’s benevolent and caring nature and proving his sudden and inexplicable departure from the asylum. However, Strange claimed he was tricked by corrupt doctors and fled Arkham Asylum to avoid falling victim to their lies. With minimal effort, Strange managed to silence Batman: Arkhamof Bruce Wayne and conquer the crowd.

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As a last question in the batman arkham city comic book series comes to an end, Strange makes one final act to solidify his absolute power in Gotham. Strange indirectly delivered a map with an escape route to Victor Zsasz before quickly sending his TYGER guards after him. The quick capture allayed the fears of the citizens of Gotham, so Strange was free to do whatever he wanted.

Just before the start of the video game sequel, Strange uses his cameras to learn how his inmates think and tediously study each major criminal’s fighting style. Strange also plots Batman’s return by giving his forces the means to capture him. The doctor’s relentless information and efforts lead to Bruce Wayne being tied up and confronted by Strange at the start of Batman: Arkham City.

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