Will Titanfall 3 ever be released?

Titanfall 2The failure to achieve true commercial penetration is an enigma that continues to baffle many avid FPS fans. The result of a collaboration between Electronic Arts and developer Respawn Entertainment, Titanfall 2 followed by the first multiplayer only Titanfall game to produce an exquisite experience considered by contemporary reviewers to be one of the finest AAA shooters of its generation. This sentiment, however, did not translate into general approval or commercial success. Sandwich the game output between Battlefield and COD: Infinite Warcoupled with a crummy marketing campaign, failed to generate enthusiasm for a franchise that couldn’t rely on name and reputation alone.

Following the story of rookie rifleman Jack Cooper and his robotic buddy Titan BT-7274 as the duo work to stop a galactic coalition from building massively powerful weapons capable of destroying entire worlds, Titanfall 2 takes the classic buddy-cop setup (albeit with a giant mechanized robot) and brings it into a sprawling space saga, much like the iconic Halo franchise. It may not have exploded into the mainstream like EA or Respawn anticipated, but loyal fans continue to hope for another adventure with Cooper and his terse friend Titan.

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The signs of a Titanfall 3 aren’t great. The original game, as has been well documented, didn’t sell as well as expected, and while that’s by no means a shame, many consider the game to have been a missed business opportunity. Granted, much of this was due to planning errors and a lack of proper marketing exposure, but poor game sales still have the potential to damage trust when it comes to getting a support for another version.

Nor is the time Titanfall 3from the side. The second major release was discontinued in late 2016, meaning a new game would debut at least seven years after the second title. There’s a lot to be said for generating hype by swinging a perpetual carrot in front of loyal fans, but there also comes a time when the goodwill and anticipation finally begins to dissolve. Fans, unfortunately, won’t wait forever, and the more the gap between games grows, the more impatience will simply turn into apathy.

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The truth is that there are still very few indications that Titanfall 3 is on the way or that there is a stated desire by Respawn or EA to actually produce a threequel. The two studios have combined for the hugely popular free-to-play battle royale apex legends, often considered as Titanfallthe spiritual successor of and the link star wars games, starting with the excellent Jedi: fallen order, occupy the vibrant creative duo when it comes to campaign-focused games. where a new Titanfall fits into this equation with most of the market already sewn remains unclear. Massive multiplayer and a franchise tied to the world’s largest IP are surely seen by EA and Respawn as far more profitable endeavors.

That doesn’t mean there wasn’t indications that Pilot Cooper and BT-7274 may one day grace us with a return. The most tangible “evidence” comes in the form of the infamous German GameStop leak which saw a number of placeholder game boxes in a branch of a Nuremberg GameStop emblazoned with the title “Titanfall 3” next to FIFA 23 and Dragon Age 4. While this is by no means concrete proof that the studios intend to deliver on what is a tiny hint of a promise, the leaked image courtesy of GameStop has been confirmed to be real and indicative of a real placeholder.

The best course of action for fans, however, is to not get too excited. There is still a loyal and dedicated fanbase for the Titanfall games still today. Online Steam charts, for example, cite a steady player rate of over 2,000 current players typically peaking in a 24-hour window at just under 3,000. Titanfall 3 Defenders certainly remain vocal in their anticipation and hope for the long-awaited sequel, but hope and expectation are two very different things. With EA and Respawn more than busy lately and with such meager resources, it might not be wise to get too excited about Titanfall 3 soon.

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