Xbox boss confident about Starfield 2023 delay decision

At the beginning of 2022, Bethesda Game Studios made a difficult decision: to postpone the release of the highly anticipated adventure game, star field, until the first half of 2023. The decision was met with equal parts disappointment and understanding, as fans lamented the original November 2022 release date and looked forward to a more polished game in the future. According to Microsoft Head of Gaming Phil Spencerthis grief was necessary – because to delay star field was the right thing to do.

Talk to The edgeSpencer detailed the decision to delay the game and spoke openly about Bethesda’s past with games that could possibly should were delayed and were not.

“It’s not really a decision to move a game after spending the team effort for several years just to get to a point where you know you’re not going to deliver the game you want by the date promised. “, explained Spencer. . “Now it’s on some level because I shipped games too soon. We experimented with shipping games too soon.

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“Looking back, when you look at a game like star field, it took so long and so much investment in new IP from the team. The decision to give the team time to build the game they feel they need to build is simply the right thing to do.

“These decisions have financial implications. Weighing in on what’s going to happen, whether it’s platform growth, subscriber growth, or, frankly, the revenue you generate when launching a new game, those are business decisions . You definitely need to weigh the outcome of these decisions.

Spencer spoke in more detail about the expectations placed on the upcoming game, particularly as a major Xbox-exclusive title designed to attract new players to the console ecosystem. With added pressure and expectations, Bethesda needed more support — which Spencer says Microsoft was happy to provide.

“I just wanted to make sure those teams felt they had the support they could get from Xbox,” Spencer said. “Maybe feel some of the benefits of being part of a larger organization that has other sources of income and other things that might be helpful.”

Going forward, the Xbox team will continue to support Bethesda as it heads into the first half of 2023. While star field is currently undated, we expect to hear more about the upcoming game over the next few months. He joins the vampire shooter red fall as one of Xbox’s flagship releases for early 2023.

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